Traditional Garlic PressA garlic press additionally referred to as a garlic crusher, maybe a utensil to crush garlic cloves expeditiously by forcing them through a grid of little holes, sometimes with some variety of piston. many garlic presses even have a tool with an identical grid of blunt pins to scrub out the holes.

Garlic squeezes gift a useful choice in distinction to mince garlic with a blade, notably on the grounds that a clove of garlic is passed through a powerful press while not eliminating its strip. The strip stays within the press whereas the garlic is expelled out. some sources in addition guarantee that compressing with the strip on makes cleanup the press less complicated.

After tasting many garlic press, according to the result, the best garlic presses are …


  1. MiTBA Garlic Press (Best Performing Garlic Press)
  2. ZESPROKA Garlic Press (Budget-Friendly Garlic Press)
  3. OXO Good Grips Garlic Press (Garlic Press for Best Comfort Grip)
  4. Vantic Garlic Press Rocker  (Best Rocker Garlic Press)
  5. Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press (Overall Best Garlic Press)

Made from premium food-grade plastic, this engineering science model minces multiple cloves effortlessly and expeditiously. merely place one or a lot of cloves of garlic within the basket and squeeze gently.

This device separates into 2 items for simple cleanup. the trendy fashion style and bright colors can build it a centre of attention in your room. Coordinate it along with your ornament, or let it add a bright pop of color to your tabletop. Lightweight and compact, this room tool can simply store in your tableware drawer or cupboard.

The press helps you to get pleasure from the flavor of contemporary garlic while not the exertions of mincing and while not your hands smelling like garlic. you’ll press contemporary cloves of garlic even the very huge ones while not peeling them initially. The handy cleanup brush helps you take away all the minced bits, thus you ne’er got to bit them. you’ll additionally use it to mince ginger and horseradish, thus you get the fantastic flavor in each bite of your favorite recipes.

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Best Garlic Press

Products Features Image
MiTBA Garlic Press
  • Professional Stainless Steel
  • User Friendly
  • Easy To Clean And Highly Durable
  • Silicone Tube Peeler Cleaning Brush Included


Best Garlic Press
ZESPROKA Garlic Press
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Durable
  • Easy To Use
  • Heavy-Duty


ZESPROKA Garlic Press
OXO Good Grips Garlic Press
  • Good Grips
  • Lightweight
  • Soft-Handled garlic press
  • Easy to use and clean


OXO Garlic Press
Vantic Garlic Press Rocker
  • Comfortable handle
  • 100% premium stainless steel and silicon
  • Easily crush or mince garlic in half the time
  • Easy to clean


Rocker Garlic Press
Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press
  • Powerful lever and ergonomic handles
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press

Features need to consider before buying a Garlic Press:


Most garlic presses press single garlic cloves quickly. one clove model works best after you cook dinner for your family and solely would like a couple of cloves. If you frequently cook for giant parties, you will like one that may press many cloves quickly in order that you’re ready to prepare all of your garlic as quickly as doable.


When you press the garlic, it will produce chaos within the press, thus pick one that’s simple to wash. Some presses embrace a cleanup tool to assist take away the garlic bits from the holes within the press. alternative models area unit dishwasher-safe, that makes cleanup as simple as doable.


Garlic presses take a small amount of force to carry, thus opt for a model with a handle that’s snug to carry. A press with a slim handle that options a soft grip sometimes makes it easier to press your garlic – and even easier.


You usually pay between $5 and $ 45 for a Garlic Press. A basic model fabricated from plastic or aluminum Garlic Press sometimes prices 5 to 15$, Stainless steel or significant plastic model Garlic Press priced at $ 15 to $ 30, and a high-print Garlic Press fabricated from Stainless Steel that needs loads of power.

Types of Garlic Press

Traditional Garlic Press:

Traditional Garlic PressThe Traditional garlic press could be an easy, effective garlic press that appears sensible, will not break the bank, and is simple to wash also, checking off all the boxes for what we’re searching for in a very sensible garlic press. Its smooth, rounded handles area unit applied science and simple to squeeze, and its spiked plate pushes out juicy, minced garlic that may be simply scraped off into your favorite dish. The press style is that the commonest of garlic-preparation gadgets, with its most fun profit being that it will even press unpeeled cloves of garlic. the standard garlic press will this comparatively well, except for best results and fewer garlic waste, we have a tendency to suggest peeling your cloves before use.

The Traditional garlic press encompasses a smaller chamber compared to alternative models we have a tendency to tested, however this reality is offset by however straightforward it’s to wash between uses by peeling the additional garlic pulp off the spiked pressing plate and giving it a fast rinse, creating pressing giant quantities of garlic a gust.

Rolling Garlic Press:

Rolling Garlic PressThe smartly designed, garlic press has little, internal blades that chop the garlic to your required mince by rolling the unit back and forth on its wheels. you just load the chamber with bare-assed garlic and roll it a lot of or less counting on whether or not you would like a coarser or finer mince. This model permits you to completely customize the scale of your garlic items and is certainly fun to use.

It is not the best model to wash, however, as you need to dispose of the little internal blades, that we tend to don’t advocate as a decent room job for youngsters. The crushed garlic conjointly gets stuck on all sides of the chamber, requiring a tiny low implement to scrape out all the garlic.

But for people who prefer to manage the scale of their garlic mince and like freshly cut rather than ironed garlic, this is often an excellent very little device for the room.


Rocker Garlic Press:

Rocker Garlic PressThe Rocker garlic press is basically a handle with a grate on rock bottom, creating pressing garlic as straightforward as pushing down on a clove and rocking back and forth to crush the garlic through. Some can like the simplicity of pushing down rather than the squeeze, two-handed action of ancient presses, and therefore the Rocker garlic press makes this a breeze with its giant, comfy handle. It additionally comes with a polymer peeler and a little knife to simply scrape the minced garlic off the rocker, and for the cheap value of the unit, these things area unit a welcome bonus.

You must press the garlic onto a tough surface sort of a board, in contrast to different models which will press garlic directly into your direction and this adds an additional improvement step to the total method. it’s additionally straightforward to accidentally flatten the clove of garlic if you press too exhausting and forget to “rock” the Rocker garlic press back and forth to with efficiency mince the clove. however, once you get the motion right, this press could be a nice different to ancient presses, with no moving elements to interrupt and an oversized, straightforward surface to scrub.

Lid Pushes Garlic Press:

The Lid Pushes garlic press could be a little, sq. device that works by inserting an in the altogether clove of garlic below its lid and pushing it down through a stainless-steel grid manufacturing garlic mince that gathers in an exceedingly removable plastic chamber. With interchangeable dicing and slicing blades, you’ll be able to have garlic in little chunks or longer slivers. This garlic chopping device produces the smallest amount waste out of all of our models tested. It uses the complete ail, exploit very little pulp behind, and its convenient removable chamber makes it simple to scrape out all of the garlic.

Lid Pushes Garlic Press

While the Lid Pushes is simply appropriate for chopping one clove at a time, its chamber will simply work five or half dozen shredded cloves, permitting you to quickly chop one clove once the opposite while not having to wash in between, and grouping the ultimate product tired one place. The silicone polymer peeler it comes with is smaller and shorter than the long cannula ones that came with alternative models and isn’t as simple to use owing to its length.

It will work showing neatness into a storage compartment at very cheap of the unit, however, creating it tougher to lose. It has several removable items. This makes the cleansing a lot of concerned, as you want to do away with and singly hand-wash each bit for the most effective results rather than having the ability to throw it simply within the dishwasher. Except for somebody World Health Organization hates the waste created in an exceedingly ancient press-style device and does not mind the additional cleaning steps.

Twister Garlic Press:

The Twist garlic press is formed of 2 giants, sturdy items of plastic with teeth that cross-cut your stark naked garlic by twisting the device back and forth. it’s an oversized chamber and is thus tempting to stuff it jam-packed with cloves, however,Twister Garlic Press the device can solely work expeditiously with one to three cloves of garlic at a time. It is easy, however, to mince a clove and add another, twisting till you get your required amount.

Unlike a conventional garlic press, it’ll not turn out a lot of any garlic waste, twee a complete clove. However, once it involves scraping the garlic out of the chamber, some can inevitably bog down and left behind within the plastic teeth. The Garlic Twist’s all-plastic style is incredibly simple to wash, with a fast rinse being all you wish to clean away those vexing items.

Why you need a garlic press?

If you are still feeling sceptical concerning whether or not a garlic press may be a smart investment, we’re here to convert you that it’ll indeed create your life easier. while not cooking school-grade knife skills, the typical home cook is not planning to be able to reach their desired minced garlic texture while not the assistance of a garlic press.

A garlic press not solely provides you a really fine mince however it additionally equally minces garlic in order that its flavor is going to be uniformly distributed throughout your dish.

Traditional Garlic Press

Some garlic presses even enable you to skip the peeling step altogether, by inserting Associate in Nursing unpeeled clove directly into the press. to not mention, once you turn to at least one of those top-rated garlic presses, pungent garlic hands can ne’er be a factor once more. And cleansing fashionable garlic presses may be a breeze with dishwasher safe components and even intrinsic cleaners that “eject” the remaining garlic items. Basically, a garlic press makes obtaining food on the table quicker and easier, and that is not such a nasty factor.

How to Clean a garlic press?

You just made a beautiful dinner, however currently you’ve got a pile of dirty dishes within the sink that require cleansing together with that plaguy garlic press. Here’s a tried-and-true trick that seriously works each single time.

For cleaning the garlic press you need some tools like: Cooking spray, an old toothbrush, a toothpick and warm water.

Then mist the press with cooking spray before every use. Then, when you press your garlic cloves, use a toothbrush to get rid of garlic sludge. Poke a strip through the holes to induce obviate any significantly stubborn residue. Rinse with heat water and dry.

The cookery spray keeps things slippery, and therefore the toothbrush and strip get out any remaining hangers on.

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