why eat more plant foods

Why Eat more Plant Foods? You should know!!


The more nutrients that a food has, the more nutrient-dense it is. Simple. The flip side to the is a dense energy food. Food that contains more energy I had nutrients or empty calories. The ideal way is to eat more nutrient-dense foods that give us more nut nets our plates, for good nutritional health. Otherwise, we’re filling up on food that provides us with caloric energy but little nutrients, And the best way to eat a nutrient-dense diet is to eat more plant foods and other you n processed foods in their natural state.


Our digestive health is so vital to our overall health, and a plant-based diet is the best way to achieve this. Plant-based foods give us more fibre that helps foods to move quickly through our body, while also contributing prebiotics and feeding good bacteria in our gut. There is a secure connection between the stomach and the brain, so the healthier our g let is, the more clear and more focused our mind is, Create good gut health with a high plant-based diet.


The nutrient-dense properties of plant foods give plenty of nutrients not just for survival, but for vitality, for long-lasting health. By eating more plant foods, we are likely eating less processed foods which can be high in sugar, processed fats, additives and preservatives that can otherwise cause damage in the body, Eating more natural plant foods is setting our collection up for an I on g, healthy life.


Plant foods contain high amounts of phytochemicals or phytonutrients. These include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and vitamins and minerals. While vitamins and minerals contribute to the essential functioning of the body, they also have a protective function that reduces damage to cells and organs that over time can lead to diseases.

Damage comes from oxidative damage from daily stress, environmental factors, things we put into our body, anything that we expose our organisation to. The more that we include in our body, the more we are protecting ourselves — plant-based foods are generally more alkalizing in the body. An aIka line body is a healthy internal environment that is hard for diseases, especially cancer, to manifest in. The alternative is an acidic body, and acidic bodies breed illness and inflammation. Protect against disease, premature ageing, and keep your body in an aI alkaline state and give it plenty of phytonutrients to protect against infection.


Eat more Plant-based foods loaded with nutrients. They give slow-release energy, and weight loss can come naturally without having to count calories! Fill up on the plant foods. It provides slow-release energy from more significant quantities of food. The slow-release power keeps blood sugar levels in contra and our appetite-controlling hormones in check. No more counting calories Fill half your plate with plant-based foods at each meal and let the body do the rest.


Animal proteins contribute a concentrated source of nutrients to our diet. They contain vitamins and minerals, and amino acids from proteins, and natural, unprocessed fats. Beca uses a reconcentrated in nutrients we can, therefore, eat moderate quantities of grass-fed, free-range, and organic anima Is products to get adequate nutritional needs.


Support local farmers and purchase locally grown, and seasonal produce to support the environment. Buying local reduces food miles, and by including more plants on our plates, we are reducing the number of resources needed to keep cattle and livestock on the land.

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