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Is your cooking vessel safe?

Non-stick pan is one of the most used ingredients in modern kitchens. We use this kind of stuff for any vegetable cooking, from egg to fry. Did you know that non-stick coating can cause many types of diseases, including tumours?

Non-stick cooking utensils contain chemical ingredients that go into the food during cooking. During cooking, heat releases toxins from these items, which poisons the food. Therefore, experts say that kitchen in non-stick containers is better than cooking on low heat. However, it is not only the non-stick vessel that can put your health at risk. This risk can be derived from many other cooking things.

Many times the food can become unhealthy because of the cooking utensils or the containers in which we put food. Cauliflower, dish plates and the chemicals used to make those utensils can create various health risks. A report on the topic has been published in the Health Department of Boldskay on the lifestyle website.

Non-stick pan

Cooking in a non-stick pan is considered as harmful to the body. The non-stick pan is covered with an acidic ingredient called perfluorooctanoic. When the pan is heated, the component goes into the food. And eating these foods is likely to cause problems in the body. This can cause tumours too many times.

The safest alternative is an iron pot
It is safer to use an iron pot than a non-stick pan. Its health risks are low.

Copper pot

Copper and nickel pots are harmful to the body. When copper and nickel containers are heated, a type of toxin is produced. It enters the diet and puts your health at risk.

The safest alternative is rust-resistant steel
Instead of using a copper pot, you can use coated steel. But it has to be sure whether it is nickel-free or not. However, when cooking in a covered steel container, cook on low heat.


Experts say that cooking in aluminium containers increases the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The safest alternative is ceramic
Chinese ceramic is safe for health. Made of ceramic cups, plates, etc. are not health hazards. You can also make tea in a ceramic cup in the microwave oven.

Plastic Container

Heating with plastic containers in the microwave oven is harmful to health. It poisons food. It contains an ingredient called bisphonate (BPA). It increases the risk of heart disease. Therefore, heating and storing food in plastic containers is detrimental to health.

Made of lead is harmful to health. Lids are often used in cooking utensils to shine. So it is essential to be aware of these things.

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