aluminium cookware risk

Risk of cooking in aluminium Cookware

According to a study that is published in the journal Science on the Total Environment in a report on a health website, ‘cadmium’ is as dangerous to children’s brains as toxins. It is responsible for kidney or kidney failure, which is associated with cardiovascular death. Non-toxic fry pans and cookware are easy to find.

By exposure to diarrhoea, children suffer brain damage, impair their mental balance, decrease their intellectual capacity and develop various health problems.

According to the study, a large part of the metal that made from aluminium watch-drum comes from discarded metals in vehicles, computer parts, cans and other factories. These include fatal health risks, which is not identified before.

Jeffrey Weidenhammer of Ashland University, USA, lead researcher, says, “Due to the regular use of these watches, zinc and cadmium enter the body of children, which can significantly reduce their IQ and increases the risk of heart attack and death.”

Researchers observe aluminium-based watches made from six developing countries, and about one-third of them have diarrhoea-related health risks.

To determine the amount of diarrhoea, the acid is dissolved in the containers for two hours, the volume of diarrhoea was measured in the solution.

Along with these hazardous quantities of aluminium, arsenic and cadmium come out of these vessels.

The World Health Organization’s dietary guidelines found six times more aluminium in these containers than the amount of aluminium. And in the collection bins, cadmium is located at 4 per cent of the risk level.

Perry Gottsfeld of Occupational Knowledge International, USA, says, “The risk of diarrhoea caused by low-cost aluminium can be more severe than the risk of dye-based dyes. The zinc contained in the food cooked in these containers is largely responsible for the zinc poisoning of the present world.”

A recent survey conducted in Africa and the Asia Continent showed that despite the ban on gasoline, zinc in people’s blood is still high in these regions.

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