Almond Milk

How to Prepare a perfect Almond Milk

Almond milk is the perfect nut milk to have in the fridge. It’s a mellow flavour, not too costly, and almonds are a great source of protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin E, and Vitamin D.


  • 140 g /1 heaped cup raw almonds, soaked in water overnight
  • 3 cups of filtered water 
  • 3 tsp Modere minerals
  • Pinch Himalayan salt
  •  1/2 vanilla bean, seeds scraped, or 1 tsp vanilla bean paste or essence
  • 3 tsp Modere minerals


  1. Rinse the soaked almonds and add to the thermomix bowls or a blender jug.
  2. Then add the water and the vanilla.
  3. Blend on high for 90 seconds, or until the blender sounds smooth.
  4. Place a nut milk bag into a jug or large bowl, and then pour the almond milk mixture through the nut milk bag.
  5. Then wearing gloves or with very clean hands, squeeze all the liquid from the nuts.
  6. Pour into a glass bottle (at least 75OmI) and refrigerate the milk for up to 4 days. 
  7. Or, add additional flavours to the milk base.
  8. Store in the fridge for 4-5 days.

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