Best cast iron frying pan reviews 2019

If you’re not using the cast iron frying pans, then, you’re seriously missing out. We’d go so far as to say that cast-iron cookware is one of the essential tools in your kitchen. You can prepare steak, fish, veggies, pizza, and so much more with the cast iron frying pans.

Cast-iron frying pans are made from molten metals (mostly iron, duh) with integrated handles so the frying pans can be placed in an oven or hot fire if you’re outside. They additionally can infuse a sound portion of iron into your food (positively).

A cast-iron skillet is great for everything from searing a T-bone to roasting a chicken, and it will become naturally non stick over time. We’ve tested 19 skillets since 2015 and prepared a list, they are lighter than other cast-iron skillets, better at searing, comes with a good factory seasoning, and has easy-to-grip handles.

Advantages of Cast Iron Frying Pans:

Cast iron appears to be good old and bizarre in time loaded up with gleaming nonstick cookware, however, it’s considerably more solid and enduring than Teflon. Cast-iron container likewise includes a minor measure of iron into the sustenance as you cook, which can expand your every day iron admission.

The cast-iron material will retain the majority of the materials cooked in the skillet after some time, which adds flavor and flavoring to your container. Albeit some may locate that off-putting, for genuine cast-iron fans, this element is the thing that makes the skillet an extraordinary cooking instrument. It’s likewise what makes the solid metal skillet totally nonstick. Here are some other incredible highlights of cast-iron skillet.

  1. Even heating: One motivation behind why cooks and gourmet experts love cast iron is that it warms undeniably more equally than skillet produced using more slender materials. It keeps up its hot temperature, notwithstanding when you add a cool steak to the container, as indicated by Serious Eats, which enables it to cook quicker than a flimsy skillet. Nourishments will likewise cook all the more equally.
  2. Indestructible: Cast-iron dish will keep going for a considerable length of time and still keep on working splendidly, as long as you deal with them appropriately and season them before use.
  3. Normally nonstick: As long as you care for the skillet appropriately and have it prepared, sustenance won’t adhere to the cast-iron container. As indicated by Lodge, the prestige creator of cast-iron cookware, you can utilize metal utensils to cook on this skillet without stressing over starting to expose what’s underneath.
  4. Take it anyplace: You can utilize the cast-iron skillet in your kitchen, over an open-air fire in no place, and anyplace in the middle. Obviously, the greatness of a cast-iron skillet should be considered.
  5. Adaptability: You can cook for all intents and purposes any kind of sustenance in a cast-iron skillet, intermittently various sustenances at the same time. It will tackle a surface burner of a stove, it’ll cook over warmth from an outdoors fire sear, it works with a pit fire, or it might be set inside the oven for warming.

A few people don’t care for how overwhelming a cast-iron container is. As a matter of fact, you should utilize your muscles to move this skillet around. Yet, consider it along these lines: You’ll have the option to work off calories before you eat via bearing a cast-iron skillet.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that this container is one piece, the handles will wind up hot after some time. You’ll need to have gloves or broiler gloves accessible to deal with the cast iron container. A few organizations additionally sell silicone handle spreads to ensure your hands, so it merits getting a few.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Cast Iron Frying Pans:

Any of these skillets can deal with hard work on your stovetop, broiler, flame broil, or pit fire, however, there are a few contrasts in their development and care that you should know before you purchase.

  • To begin with, these dishes come manufacturing plant pre-prepared, which means they are prepared to use from the container. In any case, they change in how much use they require before turning into a genuinely nonstick surface. Adhere to the guidelines for each model, which may extend from preparing the cast-iron skillet with oil at high warmth to just washed on a touch of vegetable oil after you clean it. With enough use, this dish ought to turn out to be superbly nonstick without including additional oil when you cook.
  • While there are a lot of moderate solid metal skillets accessible, some increasingly costly choices, similar to Le Creuset’s dish, are enameled. These ordinarily have smoother cooking surfaces and splendid veneer outside shading choices. Be that as it may, you ought to never use metal utensils on them, since it can scratch the nonstick veneer surface. These models are a venture that can last as long as you can remember and will set aside your cash and bother of supplanting Teflon container at regular intervals.
  • Different highlights to consider in cast-iron are their simplicity of taking care of, size, and weight. While all cast-iron will be substantial, there are lighter-weight alternatives. Some additionally have longer handles as well as assistant side handles to convey it two-gave from the stove or burner to the counter or eating table. A few brands incorporate silicone handle covers or sell them independently to shield your hands from the hot metal handle.


Best Cast Iron frying pan 2019

Cast Iron Frying pan Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Cover
  • Induction and Oven safe
  • Precision heat distribution
  • Includes Home Cookbook
  • 1-year money-back guarantee
View on Amazon
Cast Iron Frying pan T-Fall Cast Iron Frying pan
  • Suitable for all cooktops including induction
  • Pre-seasoned surface for easy to use
  • PFOA Free and Cadmium Free
View on Amazon
Cast Iron Frying pan AmazonBasics Cast Iron Frying pan
  • Even heat distribution
  • Pre-seasoned surface and Oven-safe to 500 degrees F
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty
View on Amazon
Cast Iron Frying pan Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet
  • Ready to Use, Factory Seasoning
  • Almost all cookware compatible
  • Superior heat retention
View on Amazon

1. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Cover

Are you looking for a perfect cast iron frying pan for your kitchen? Then you may consider Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, it is one of the best cast iron frying pan on market. By using this cast iron skillets you will experience Better Cooking. This skillet is Induction Safe, Oven safe, perfect for large and classic for family size meals. you may use this skillet as a Grill pan.

Product Features:

  1. Pre-seasoned cookware
  2. This cast iron frying pan ensure Even heat distribution
  3. Breakfast refined
  4. Fantastic development and configuration guarantee lifetime usefulness
  5. Flexible cast iron created with pouring spouts and side handle for simpler serving
  6. versatile cooking
  7. Reasonable for enlistment, artistic, electric, and gas cooktops
  8. Can be utilized in the broiler, on the barbecue, and over the open-air fire
  9. Outfit your home kitchen with the full scope of Lodge cast iron cookware
  10. 1-year money-back guarantee


Feature Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Cover
Oven Safe
Induction Compatible
Microwave Safe X
Oven Safe 400° F
Electric Cooktop Compatable
Gas Cooktops Compatable
Durable, Affordable Expensive
Lightweight and smooth

Product Information

Product Dimensions 20.2 x 13.2 x 2.2 in
Item Weight 2.5 kg
Manufacturer Lodge
Item model number L12SK3
Material Cast Iron
Special Feature Induction Compatible

2. T-fal E83407 Nonstick Cast Iron Skillet/ Cast Iron Frying pan

The cast iron frying pan of T-fal can actually handle the heat! It is heat-safe up to 600 degrees F making it compatible with stovetop, oven, indoor grill, or even a fire pit. The heavy cast iron building offers the ideal search for steaks and chicken as well as the correct sizzle for bacon and eggs in your home style. The durable, heavy-duty cookware of T-fal is produced for a lifetime!.


best cast iron frying pans

Product Features:

  1. Suitable for all cooktops, including induction.
  2. Pre-Seasoned Nonstick and Durable
  3. Large, extra long handle with Easy to grip side helper handles
  4. Comes pre seasoned for first use and includes step by step instructions for seasoning case
  5. Even Heat Distrebution
  6. Oven safe up to 600 degree Fahrenheit
  7. PFOA Free and Cadmium Free
  8. Pouring spouts allow for controlled transfer of contents
  9. Best material for heat retention
  10. Pre-seasoned surface for easy to use
Feature T-Fall Non Stick Cast Iron Skillet
Oven Safe up to 600 Degrees F
Induction Compatible
PFOA and Cadmium Free
Electric Cooktop Compatable
Gas Cooktops Compatable
Highly nonstick with minimal seasoning Quite Heavy
Excellent heating capacity Not ideal for glass cooktops
Budget consuming

Product Information

Product Dimensions 19.7 x 13 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight 9 pounds
Manufacturer Groupe SEB
Item model number 2100082838
Material Cast Iron Frying Pans


3. AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron frying Pan

This AmazonBasics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, 12 inches can be used for sautéing, searing, pan-frying, baking, broiling, roasting, and more. The round shape, flat base, and slightly flared side edges of the skillet job well for a multitude of daily favourites or freshly inspired recipes. The versatile cooking utensils move seamlessly from the fridge to the refrigerator.


cast iron frying pans

Product Features:

  1. Cast-iron Frying Pan
  2. Pre-seasoned and ready to use
  3. Cast iron for even heat distribution and retention
  4. User-friendly handle for easy lifting
  5. Oven-safe to 500 degrees F
  6. Suitable for all cooking surfaces
  7. Hand wash only
  8. 1-year warranty
Feature Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Cover
Oven Safe up to 500 Degrees F
Induction Compatible
Dishwasher Safe X
Oven Safe 400° F
Electric Cooktop Compatable
Gas Cooktops Compatable
Amazing design and affordable Handles can really get hot
Easy to clean
Easy to adjust the temperature
Tempered Glass lid to view cooking process

Product Information

Product Dimensions 20.2 x 12.9 x 3.3 inches
Item Weight 8.38 pounds
Manufacturer AmazonBasics
Item model number 2104
Material Cast Iron Skillet

4. Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

To provide you with a cast-iron skillet ready to use, all our cast-iron cookware passes through the pre-seasoning stage of the factory where soy-based oil is used on this high head allowing the polymers to create an initial seasoning layer. This one factory seasoned layer is equivalent to a normal home seasoning of 10-15 rounds. When the fats and oils used in cooking collect on the cast iron, the normal cast iron seasoning we create at home is achieved.

This makes our cast iron cookware ready to be used directly from the box. There is no need for original seasoning. However; in order to maintain the factory-seasoned cast iron layer, you need to season it from time to time. Factory seasoning is just a kick-start to your cookware’s seasoning life. Not to forget that seasoning is an on-going course. If you want to keep your cast iron a flawless black, non-stick patina, start the cooking process. The key to a coveted black non-stick surface is regular use and adequate maintenance.


The owner of the electric grill will help you enjoy the food as you are not a regular charcoal grill, especially in most properties in the city. These are better than gas grills because they do not run out of fuel. You can use these in your home and go on vacation if you want. We bet you’ll love countertops or tabletop grills because of the amenities they provide when you use and clean.

Product Features:

  1. This Cast iron frying pan is Non-Stick surface.
  2. Easy cleaning
  3. Ready to Use, Factory Seasoning
  4. Almost all cookware compatible including Induction
  5. Heat resistant handle
  6. Superior heat retention
  7. Not Dishwasher safe
Feature Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron frying pan
Oven Safe up to 500° F
Induction Compatible
Dishwasher Safe X
Electric Cooktop Compatable
Gas Cooktops Compatable
Superior heat retention will keep your mouth watering food warm for a long Time Not Dishwasher Safe
Almost all cooktop compatible

Product Information

Product Dimensions 17 x 12.5 x 2.3 inches
Item Weight 8 pounds
Manufacturer Utopia Kitchen
Item Model Number UK0040
Material Cast Iron Skillet

Frequently Asked Questions related to Best Cast Iron Frying Pans

Are cast iron frying pans safe?

Cast iron frying pans are popular, especially for searing, and generally cast iron pans are considered as safe to use. But iron is a strong pro-oxidant, and those at risk for iron overload should learn more about cast iron safety.

Are cast iron frying pans Non stick?

By nature cast iron is non-stick surface. and if the pans is seasoned properly then it WILL NOT stick. You may preheat your cast iron pans before frying anything to get better non-stick result.

How do I season a cast iron frying pan?

These are the steps you have to follow to season cast iron frying pans,

  1. Scrub well the skillet in soapy hot water and Thoroughly dry up.
  2. Place over the skillet a thin layer of condensed melted or vegetable oil.
  3. Place it on a middle oven rack at 375 ° upside down. (Place the foil on the bottom rack to catch the drops.)
  4. Bake for 1 hour andlet the oven cool.

What is the best brand of cast iron skillet?

Our Top Picks for the best cast iron frying pans depending on the performance and user reviews.

  1. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Cover
  2. T-Fall Cast Iron Frying pan
  3. AmazonBasics Cast Iron Frying pan
  4. Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


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